The Awards are based on each property from which your business operates. Our awards consider the environmental impact of each property together with the environmental aspect scores for the operational functions of your business. The areas we examine include your premises, office, vehicles and community interaction. For Funeral Directors we also examine your mortuary and the environmental choices you offer to clients. For Suppliers we also look at your organisational culture together with manufacture and supply. The cost for initial registration of each property address is £495 and thereafter £425 for annual renewal.

Some Funeral Directors will have primary addresses, on which the awards will be based, along with small ‘Branch Offices’ simply to enable the arrangement of funerals with families. In these cases, there is only a small administration fee of £52 to issue your additional premises with an award. This award will mirror the award for your primary premises. Good News! You will not need to complete the Sustainability Audit for each one of these smaller premises.

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