Show clients how your funeral business cares for the environment

The Greener Globe Funeral Awards enables funeral directors to show today’s environmentally-aware clients that they care about sustainability.

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Reduce operating costs

Shrink your running costs associated with water, energy, paper and fuel use by progressing through the Greener Globe Funeral Awards levels.


Meet client needs on sustainability

Enhance your corporate reputation among today’s eco savvy clients who expect businesses to care for the environment.

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Designed for funeral directors

Benefit from a unique eco accreditation scheme that understands the sustainability challenges of the funeral sector.

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As we transition away from high-carbon emission practices towards a greener, more sustainable future, it’s almost certain that every single business sector will need to identify, manage and mitigate their environmental impacts. The good news is that many businesses have already begun rising to this challenge. They recognise that sustainable practices are key to innovation, good reputation and customer trust.

Achieving net-zero emissions is a shared goal, yet each industry faces a unique set of obstacles and considerations on the path to carbon neutrality. With that in mind, the Greener Globe Funeral Awards has developed a funeral sector-specific sustainability framework to help your business make measurable progress towards an environmentally friendly future. We offer a bespoke service to each member, providing guidance and support to empower you to make a positive environmental impact.

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Become a member of the Greener Globe Funeral Awards and show clients that the funeral profession takes the climate crisis seriously

The Greener Globe Funeral Awards scheme has four levels, which provide funeral directors with independent certification showcasing their commitment to the environment.

Award levels

Bronze award


Adopting and implementing the Trusted Environmental Policy

Under the Bronze Achievement award, the business is required to already hold an environmental policy, or adopt the Greener Globe Funeral Award's own Trusted Environmental Policy for funeral directors.

Silver award


Identifying environmental risks and controls

The next stage in the journey, the Silver Achievement award, involves the completion of the Sustainability Audit Questionnaire, covering generic and sector-specific areas of the business which impact on the environment. This stage enables businesses to recognise opportunities for improvements and what changes – big or small – can be made to reduce your carbon footprint, drive eco efficiencies and make cost reductions.

Gold award


Adopting and implementing an immediate improvement plan

Having completed the Sustainability Audit Questionnaire and identified areas for improvement, businesses that achieve level three, Gold award, will adopt and implement an immediate improvement plan to reduce their impact on the environment. This involves making minor changes and small steps within a short time scale.

Platinum award


Adopting and implementing a long term improvement plan

The ultimate demonstration of environmental care in the funeral sector, Platinum Award recipients show progress in addressing more significant issues, which involve long-term changes and capital investments in a genuinely low impact business. This fourth part of the Greener Globe Funeral Awards Scheme is the basis for adopting the prestigious ISO14001.

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